By Nava Gross

Chapter 3


"Come in! Come in!," Lara said enthusiastically, have something to eat, take a nap, ask for anything you need an-...," Lara trailed off when she saw me.

"What's wrong?," she asked, sounding concerned.

I was crying again; a thought had occurred to me as I looked through the photo album I brought with me.

"Why didn't you come before?!," I yelled angrily, "Why didn't you come before and help Carla too?!"

"Misty I--"

She sounded hurt.

"She could be here now! With me! But no! You let them take her away from me! Why'd you let them take her away from me?!"

I sunk to the floor, crying into my hands. Lara came over and reached out her hand, but I turned away. "Leave me alone!," I screamed. She wasn't who I wanted to be with right now. I wanted to be with Carla. This thought caused me to lose what little calmness I had gained and start another flood of tears...


I woke up exhausted, and my eyes hurt, though I don't remember why. It took me a minute to notice my surroundings. I was no longer under the bed at home. I was in a room with light purple walls and a window with purple curtains. I sat up and looked at the bed I was in, curious as to how I got into the silky blanket that covered me. I got off the bed and felt soft, cushioned carpet, making me feel like I was walking on clouds. After my initial curiosity wore off, I started to remember what happened the day before. I was still upset with Lara, but I was hungry and left the purple room, even if it meant seeing her.

I found the kitchen; Lara was sitting at the table. I sat down in another chair, facing away from her and asked for some water. She got a glass and filled it. I drank it without saying thank you. I didn't think she deserved it.

"Misty...," she started, "let me explain."

I was silent so she continued. "It all started with the crops... 9 years ago, the crops on many of our farms were destroyed by swarms of locusts. The locusts ate most of the crops and left hunger in their wake. People salvaged what crops they could and ate them."

As Lara talked I sipped my water, not really taking in what she had said so far.

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